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The Only Individualized
Maths Competency Program.

Let your child (between grades 1 and 7) build long term competency in Maths
by going through our self paced program based on the child’s current skill level.


MathSense starts where the student's competency is currently and then guides her to grade level and beyond.


MathSense is not a mere practice program. It guides the student through a lesson plan (created on the basis of the Diagnostic Assessment) step by step.

Competency Focused

MathSense focuses on building long term math competency. Lessons are covered repeatedly at various time intervals to provide recursive practice and retention.

Why MathSense?

MathSense is not merely an additional practice program. It’s an individualized, planned and guided program to develop competency in core Math skills.

In MathSense, the student starts with a diagnostic test (Details below) and a lesson plan is created based on the student’s performance in the diagnostic test. At this point, the student can start working through his/her sessions where questions from the lesson plan are thrown. In a single session of approximately 45 minutes, the student will be exposed to questions from various lessons, based on the lesson plan. Continue reading to understand the details of how MathSense guides the student to lesson mastery.   The diagnostic test is currently free to all students. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


What's MathSense?

MathSense is the only individualized Math competency program that works on the student gaining competency on various skills by going through a guided program. The program is custmized to each individual student based on a Diagnostic Test. You can read details about each component of the MathSense program by clicking here.

Who created MathSense?

MathSense has been developed by Nadin Rath in Tropix Technologies. Nadin has worked for more than 25 years in the IT industry. However, his interest in school Math education started when he was invlolved with Sylvan Learning Center while he was in the USA. His 7 years association with Sylvan planted the seed that grew into MathSense when he returned to India and founded Tropix Technologies. 

What's the Diagnostic Test?

The Diagnostic Test is the starting point of the MathSense program. Based on the student’s performance in the Diagnostic Test, a customized lesson plan is generated for that specific student. During the Student Sessions (after the Diagnostic Test) questions from lessons in the Lesson Plan are shown to the student. The Diagnostic Test includes questions from various past academic years. You can watch a video where we explain how the Diagnostic Test is conducted by clicking here.

Is the Diagnostic Test really Free?

Yes. As an introductory offer (for our public release) we are making the Diagnostic Test absolutely free. You don’t need a credit card to get signed up, register your child and get him/her started on the Diagnostic Test.

Do I need an Internet connection to use MathSense?

Yes. A reasonably high speed Internet connection is required to use MathSense. The program is dynamic, in the sense that the lesson the student is exposed to at any time is based on what he/she was doing previously and how well he/she performed there. Hence a constant communication with our cloud based application is required for it to work.

As a parent, how do I know how my child is doing in MathSense?

You will have complete access to what your child is doing through the Parent Dashboard. We have posted a video, explaing the Parent Dashboard, in the Vido section. You can access it by clicking here. Additionally SMS and Email alerts are sent to the parent at different points in the program (e.g. when the student is unable to complete a lesson satisfactorily.)

My child has not been taught the concepts behind some of the questions. What should he/she do?

Sometime it may happen that a student will see questions from a lesson that has not yet been covered in school. The student can safely skip such questions. The lesson will be marked as “Need Help” and will appear in the Alert box in the Parent Dashboard. At this point, the lesson will be paused for a few sessions and will reappear after a while. The student can continue to skip until he/she has learnt the concepts at school or through other means. Videos explaining basic skills are under development and will be introduced soon. However, for younger children, we encourage one-on-one engagement to learn new concepts. 

Why can't my child just select which lesson he/she wants to practice?

MathSense is not a mere additional practice tool but a guided and recursive program aimed at building competency in all the basic math skills. We are constantly adding new lessons and new types of questions to make this happen. Since the entire Lesson Plan is built based on where the student is, skill wise, during the Diagnostic Test, lesson selection by the student is simply impractical.

Why do questions from the same lesson appear every now and then?

MathSense program is recursive. On the way to mastery, a student is exposed to the same lesson multiple times at different points. This is done to develop competency and retention. Hence a lesson covered in one session might reappear after a few sessions. However, the questions are very likely to be different (though some questions might repeat.)

Pricing Plan

Monthly Plan

  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Unlimited Questions
  • Graphical Competency Score
  • Parent Dashboard
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Yearly Plan

  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Unlimited Questions
  • Graphical Competency Score
  • Parent Dashboard
  • EMail Notification
  • Live SMS Alert
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Mrs. Poly - Principal
 Mother's Public School

We have been running the MathSense program in our school for more than a year. This program is very different.
It really addresses the issue of individualized plan to build long term competency.
MathSense will build core competency in all the math concepts that are needed in the higher grades.

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